Philosophy of the Artist: Apples and More

The Apple is an important part of Currie’s work because it has a two-fold significance for her. On one hand, she believes that all of us are the apples of  God’s eyes. But also, she wants those who see her Southern folk art to recognize that it’s as American as apple pie.

The Apple is a signature trademark of Currie’s paintings, but there are also other themes to consider.  Next time you’re looking at art from the Apple Lady, ask if you see any one of these things:

  • The presence of children, black and white; all children are a blessing.
  • Cracked doors that represent new opportunities.
  • Winding paths like the journey of life.
  • Little Addie Mae, a character that Currie created to symbolize how special  middle children are.   Any time there are three or more children in a painting, you can be sure Addie Mae is there.
  • Dragonflies on all the furniture for good luck.
  • Untied shoelaces, which are there to show us that there is always something to learn!